Jet Washing Services

We’re passionate about your commercial premises

Lex Hygiene undertakes jet washing services for commercial and industrial clients in the wider Yorkshire area. From car parks to pathways, our highly-trained team blasts away grime and dirt from an extensive range of surfaces to return them to an as-new appearance. The jet washing services that we conduct offer a simple, highly effective way to renew and rejuvenate any business premises. As an ethical commercial cleaning contractor, we work to environmentally-friendly standards.

We undertake jet washing services in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas on a range of surfaces including

  • Car Parks
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Groundworks
  • Walls
  • Skylights
  • Roofs
  • Window Frames
  • Cladding
  • Playgrounds
  • Communal Areas
  • Fire Escape Staircases
  • Entrances & Forecourts
  • Bin & Waste Areas

Over time, exposed surfaces in start to show their age as the elements and human forces start to take their toll. Whether it’s general dirt and grime, build ups of moss and algae or graffiti and chewing gum, these external areas soon become grubby and unappealing. As a commercial cleaning contractor backed by 30 years of trade experience, we have the perfect jet washing solution to breathe new life into even the dirtiest of properties.

We begin our jet washing service by arriving promptly at the scheduled time on the date previously agreed upon. Our vans come fitted with a high-pressure washing system, so we carry out jet washing services without needing an onsite water supply.

Our team takes every measure to ensure safety during our work in Yorkshire, including the protection of the property we service and those in the immediate vicinity. We also place warning signs around our working area to advise the public to remain at a safe distance.

As a responsible commercial cleaning contractor, Lex Hygiene ensures that our operatives have the appropriate PPE for the job too, including safety helmets, hearing protectors and protective eyewear.

Next, we undertake the jet washing process itself. With the use of a precise, high-powered jet of water, we blast away the accumulated natural and man-made mess to bring about a new lease of life for any surface.

Our equipment can be adjusted to suit the needs of any client. Likewise, we tailor our services to fit the requirements of our customers in Yorkshire. As your chosen commercial cleaning contractor, we carry out jet washing services after-hours to ensure outstanding results with minimal disruption to daily business activities.

  • Cleaning (Vacuuming) Carpets
  • Spot Cleaning of Spills
  • Watering Plants
  • Emptying of Bins
  • Cleaning of Air-Conditioning Vents
  • Cleaning of Staff Rooms, Kitchens & Cafeterias
  • External Fascia Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Car Parks

Restaurant & Bar Cleaning Services

Whether in Yorkshire or anywhere else in the country, restaurants and bars have to meet demanding standards set by the FSA (Food Standards Agency) in order to achieve an overall hygiene rating. While there are a range of elements to these inspections, cleanliness remains at the core of it all. As an experienced commercial cleaning contractor, we have the expertise to help establishments not only meet, but exceed, the demands for cleanliness expected of them.

When it comes to restaurant and bar cleaning services in Yorkshire, we provide the following in back-of-house areas:

  • Deep Cleans in Kitchens
  • Surface Sanitisation
  • Cleaning of Equipment
  • Sweeping & Moping the Kitchen Floor
  • Clean Out of Grease Traps
  • Change All Foil Linings
  • Clean Hood Filters
  • Clean Staff Washroom & Toilets
  • Window, Façade and Canopies
  • Entrances & Foyers
  • Bar Areas
  • Food Warmers, Buffet Hot Plates & Display Cabinets
  • Toilets, Sinks & Urinals
  • Air-Conditioning Vents
  • Rubbish & Recycling Bins
  • Mopping & Sweeping of Floors
  • Waxing of Floors Using a Floor Buffer
  • Carpet Cleaning Where Required
  • Restocking of Toilet Consumables
  • Any Kind of Spot Cleaning