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Ensuring your establishment’s hygiene is of a high standard is essential for your peace of mind and to be fully compliant with current guidelines and regulations. Kitchens, offices and other commercial environments can be fast-paced, high pressure, which can be difficult to maintain high standards. Not maintaining an effective cleaning regime could lead to an increase in pests/vermin, allergens, disease and a reduction in your hygiene rating. This can have a hugely negative impact on your business and reputation.

Kitchen Duct Extract Cleaning Services

When it comes to your kitchen ducts, don’t take the risk – unkempt ducts are unhygienic, illegal and bad for business!

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Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

Lex Hygiene understand the importance of a cleaning schedule for food preparation areas.

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Air Ventilation Cleaning Services

Air ventilation should be routinely cleaned to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

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Fire Damper Testing

We test fire dampers to ensure they will operate correctly in the event of a fire.

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